56.9pc women not in education, employment, training: CPD

Centre for Policy Dialogue, a civil society think-tank, at a programme in Dhaka on Wednesday said 56.9 per cent of the country’s women populations of working age are not there in education, employment and training.

CPD revealed the information during a dialogue on ‘Promoting Female in Bangladesh for Realising Demographic Dividends’ at a city hotel.

While presenting the keynote paper on Realising the Demographic Dividend in Bangladesh Promoting Female Labour Force Participation, Mustafizur Rahman, a distinguished Fellow of CPD, said 56.9 per cent women, aged in between 15 to 65, belong to the NEET category.

He came up with the figure referring to the facts of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

‘It’s a matter of concern but also an opportunity if Bangladesh can utilise the potentiality,’ Mustafizur Rahman said.

According to the CPD findings, women’s contribution to the country’s GDP is 20 per cent as 77 to 87 per cent of their labour participation in economy and GDP remains unaccounted.

Though the trend in female labour force participation in Bangladesh is increasing and experiencing some ups and downs in the graph, the participation in 2016-17 with the percentage of 36.3 is significantly lower than that of male which is 80.5 per cent, according to the CPD findings.

‘Between 2013 and 2016-17, female employment in industrial sector has come down by about 850 thousand,’ said the study mentioning it as a disquieting trend.

‘Move towards formalisation remains a major challenge in the context of FLFP in Bangladesh,’ said Mustafizur Rahman pointing out that 85.1 per cent of the total employed people in 2016-17 were in informal employment with the female the share of 91.8 per cent, which was higher than male with 82.1 per cent.

About another disquieting trend, the fellow said the average real wage decline for male was 1.9 per cent and that of female was by 3.8 per cent from 2015-16 to 2016-17, while the national real average wages fell by 2.5 per cent.