Another span of Padma Bridge installed

Munshiganj: Around 900 meters of the much-hyped Padma bridge is visible now following the installation of another span named F-6 on the pillars no 36 and 37 on Wednesday.

The 150 meter span, weighing 3,140 tones, was installed at Jajira point around 10:00am, reports the UNB.

This is the sixth span of Padma Bridge at Jajira point, and the seventh span of the Padma Bridge overall.

The works of Padma Multipurpose Bridge became visible with the installation of 150-metre first span on the pillars no 37 and 38 on October 30, 2017. Later, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th and 5th spans were installed on the pillars no 38-39, 39-40, and 40-41 respectively in 2018.

Besides, the F-1 span (super structure) was kept on the pillar no 4 and 5 in Mawa point due to the construction works of pillar no 6 and 7.

Earlier, the span was taken to the Jajira point on Tuesday afternoon by the 3,600 ton capacity floating crane ‘Tian -E’ from the Mawa Kumarbhog Construction Ward, five kilometer away from the Jajira point.

Engineers concerned of the Padma Bridge authority, said the span was kept at near the jetty for several days as it could not be floated due to poor navigability.

The construction work on the country’s largest bridge started in December in 2015.

The 6.15-km bridge will have a total of 41 spans, each 150 meters long.

According to the engineers concerned, a total of 41 spans will be installed on 42 concrete pillars.

Besides, 17 spans were ready to fix while the work for constructing 18 more in underway.