DNCC to launch 10-day combing operation to prevent dengue outbreak

Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) is going to launch a 10-day special cleanliness drive or combing operation on Saturday in a bid to protect the city dwellers from dengue outbreak.

The drive will begin at all wards of the DNCC simultaneously at 10am on Saturday, Dhaka North City Mayor Atiqul Islam came up with the announcement through a video conference on Friday.

He said the 10-day combing operation will be conducted from 10 am to 1 pm every day, except Friday.

The mayor said each ward of the DNCC will be divided into ten sectors and each sector into 10 sub-sectors.

He said they will conduct the drives in one sector of each ward daily which means 10 sub-sectors in a day and the combing operation will be completed in 10 days.

The mayor said the DNCC team for each sub-sector will have four cleaners and one mosquito eradication worker.

“Forty cleaners and 10 mosquito eradication workers will work in each ward and they will go to different houses, institutions and establishments under DNCC every day to see if there are Aedes mosquito larvae or stagnant water for more than three days to contain the outbreak of the Aedes mosquitoes,” said.

Mayor Atiqul Islam said three entomologists from the DNCC and the officials from the Waste Management Department and Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) will give necessary directives during the combing operation.

In addition, he said 9 entomologists and 6 physicians from the DGHS will work with the DNCC team in making the drive a success.

Besides, the mayor said a database will be made during the drive with a list of those houses and business establishents where aedes larvae and breeding grounds will be found.