PM asks to action against bribe givers too

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday asked to take action against the bribe givers besides its receivers.

She said, “Those take bribe and those give both are same offenders. So, it needs to take measure accordingly. Then, our much tasks will be completed quickly.”

The premier said this while exchanging post Eid-ul-Azha greetings with her office’s officials this morning.

Condemning people’s greed to property, Sheikh Hasina said, people become desperate for money. “They forget that they can take nothing along with them in grave after death,” she added.

PM also said much more wealth left by a man harms good relation among children and altercation among themselves.

She said, “What the benefit lies in rushing to money like blind and spoil own’s everything? I want life of all will run well.”

Regarding government’s step against corruption, PM Hasina claimed the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is active in its job.