Prosecution happy, defence to challenge verdict

The prosecution has expressed satisfaction over the verdict in Holey Artisan Cafe attack case while the defence wished to challenge the judgement.

An anti-terrorism special tribunal in Dhaka on Wednesday convicted seven militants and awarded them death penalty in the case while acquitted another.

Public Prosecutor Abdullah Abu, in an instant reaction on the court premises, said, “We’re satisfied over the judgement. And regarding the acquittal of one accused, we’ll review the full verdict and to take decision over filing of an appeal petition.”

He also said that the convicts, quoting militant group IS, have claimed responsibility for the attack. “But, the investigation did not mention the existence of IS in the country. The militants unleashed the killings in a planned way,” said Abdullah Abu.

Meanwhile, expressing dissatisfaction, the defence counsel said they would challenge the verdict that awarded seven people death sentence.

Delwar Hosen, one of the defence counsels, said, “We think the evidence were not doubtless, There are so many contradictions, inconsistency and lack of collaboration.”

“We are aggrieved by the verdict. We’ll move to the higher court to file appeal against the verdict,” he added.