Al Jazeera broadcast to be cancelled if HC orders it: Information Minister

Mentioning that the government believes in the freedom of press, Information Minister Hasan Mahmud has said the broadcast of Al Jazeera channel will be cancelled in the country if the High Court gives any order in this regard.

“We’ll have to abide by the High Court order if it cancels the broadcast of Al Jazeera channel,” he said while speaking at a press conference on contemporary issues at his Chattogram city residence on Friday evening.

The minister said they could have stopped the broadcast of the Qatar-based news channel had they wanted it. “The broadcast is being cancelled in many countries and it remained stopped in many countries. Even, it remained stopped in India for few days. However, we haven’t taken this step as the Sheikh Hasina government believes in the freedom of press.”

He said as there is a need of freedom, so the responsibility. “But the freedom doesn’t mean airing such reports that are wrong, false, biased, politically motivated and snatch others’ freedom.”

Terming the Al Jazeera report on Bangladesh as a false one, Hasan Mahmud said it was aired out of personal vengeance.